I asked some of my previous clients-now-collectors to write a testimonial of the art they received. Much of my feedback is sent directly to me personally and is not as clearly articulated or insightful, so please remember this is not all the feedback I have received. The more extensive testimonials will be posted on this page, however there are more quick reviews available on my Facebook page.


Original artwork (not print) in frame. Print would look very similar in a frame.

“My children and I contacted Karolina a few months ago to create a piece of art for my husband who has been a working diver for over for 40 years.  We also have a company that builds drysuits and wanted something to commemorate his years of diving, the beauty of the ocean and as well our business. I am not an artist and have no skills in that area.  I was nervous but was able to communicate some ideas to Karolina who took my thoughts, expanded on them and created a beautiful painting called Welding in the Fantastic Sea.  She researched our request and sent us several sketches depicting her visualization of our requirements. We selected one and the finished product is absolutely beautiful and hangs in a place of honor.  The time lapse video she did was really cool because we could see the entire process which is fascinating for a non-artist.  It was a fun process and I would recommend it to anyone.  She has the ability to take a few fragments of ideas and turn it into something really beautiful.  The quality of the paper that was used was excellent.  Our painting was a watercolour.  We had the painting shipped to us which took 3 days and arrived on time.  No hassle at all.”

001 JAN16-2016 Pax and Gatsby - 9x12

“I received the painting today.  Thank you so much for the great service you provide.  My fiance` and I love the painting and I cannot begin to find the words to describe what it means to us.  I’m glad to have commissioned it to you. Thank you for being thorough, thoughtful, timely, and responsive throughout the process. Your passion and care shined all the way thru.”