• cloudy rainy day cafe santropol montreal watercolour painting
    9"x12". Watercolour on 140lb watercolour rag paper. A memory of a cloud encircling Mont Royal on a rainy day near Cafe Santropol. Drawing based on Google Maps photo and memory, atmosphere based on memory. ~2017 | PRINTS
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It Takes Time to Compose an Image
  This painting was a challenge from the very sketches I started with. Since it's been a whole year since the last oil painting of this series, this is the second painting so far in a series that is loosely working itself out to be about technology, medicine, and disability....
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My Last Several Pieces Made on Twitch
When I started streaming, it was an experiment to see if anyone at all would show up. Just even 1 person I don't already know as a friend, or family, or someone else. I didn't expect anything from it. Everyone's asking me how I can tolerate having a camera pointed...
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How Does Your Space Influence Your Creativity?
Back in the days of being a kid, I used to paint more spontaneously. I had a clearer connection to something subconscious that filled the brain with images, vivid and ready to paint. As an adult, not so much and I look for ways to reconnect with this organic process....
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My Advice on Social Anxiety & Taking a Leap into Livestreaming
New Year's resolutions are more a time for me to reflect on what I have accomplished, as a person that generally tackles goals head on. For others, it's a time people rather cover their ears... I ask you to reflect on it positively, instead of tearing yourself down. Set realistic...
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