Montreal Fall Wind

9"x12". Watercolour & ink on 140lbs watercolour paper. Image originally used for Montreal World Film Festival Poster Contest. ~2014

Avatar Korra & Raava

Fanart! 9"x'12". Watercolour, ink, and gauche on 140lbs watercolour paper. ~2014

Montreal from Mont Royal During Sunset

13"x17". Watercolour on watercolour paper. ~2015

Created for and shown in the Draw Me A Mountain Exhibition at the Smith House on top of Mont Royal, May 2015.


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Building in Pozńan Town Square

9"x12", watercolour on 140lb watercolour paper. Observational drawing done on-location in Pozńan, Poland. ~2107

Stairway on Rue Galt

9"x12", watercolour on 140lb watercolour paper. Observational drawing done on-location. ~2017

One Week 100 People

Drawings, sketches & paintings for the One Week, 100 People challenge - literally illustrate 100 people in one week.

Shifting Focus: Oils & Cybernetics

I'm excited to say I am working on two new oil paintings. It's been... about 6 whole years since I've done a large-scale oil painting. It's because we have our new studio space in our apartment, which is better equip for ventilating the fumes, the scale, and capturing splatter. I don't have any pictures of our old "studio" online, but it was essentially a tiny corner next to our bed. So. Much. Improvement. In all aspects of my life... everything is just much better. A post shared by Karolina Szablewska (@art.karolina) on Dec 4, 2016 at 7:58am PST The past year or more, my focus was to create…


Urban Sketching Summer

This year, I think one of my unstated goals was to avoid using the computer as much as possible while it was summer. Of course, when I have video work that makes it necessary to be on one, it can't be helped...however, if you're familiar with what winter is like in Montreal, there is really not much reason why I should be staring in a glowing box in a dark room during the nice part of the year. It won't be long before the sun sets barely after 3 PM and 30 minutes will be long enough to get a frost bite. So, I haven't posted anything I painted since intentionally and have an array of images lin…


Dorchester Park Tree in May

9"x12", watercolour on 140lb watercolour paper. Observational painting of a specific entanglement of trees in Dorchester Park, off Peel Street in Montreal. Several groups of people occupied the benches just long enough to be painted. ~2016

Veronica and Juan the Hobbits

16"x20" watercolour on Fabriano watercolour paper, created July 2016, signed and dated on painting and in margin.

This is a commissioned piece for a couple who are hobbit fans.Veronica and Juan are the couple pictured as hobbits leaving their hobbit home on a sunny afternoon for a walk. A quiet brook, lush greenery, lavender flowers, round red mushrooms, surrounds their home meanwhile other hobbit homes are visible in the distance. They are hand in hand, happy in each other's company.



How Would You Feel to Receive a Painting as Your Birthday Surprise?

To save ruining a surprise, I had to wait to post about my latest commission until the birthday passed. It was really hard. Taking the tape off the edges, seeing the final painting with crisp, white borders... it was very hard not to post it instantly. Now that the painting is out of my hands, the excitement died down... kind of like a break-up. One sad aspect of commissioned work is I don't really get to spend much time with the image afterwards, and I would argue one of the most important things an artist can do is reflect on their work after completing it. Definitely interested in doing mor…

Drawing 24"x24". ~2008" />Drawing 24"x24". ~2008" />

Results from the Exhibition & Emboss Magazine

Spring has been crazy busy for me this year, compared to the last few years. Exhibition, large commission, filming for our documentary, moving to a new place... Since announcing the pop-up exhibition is the last update I left, I would like to briefly talk about how it went. Our exhibition space was in the Mile End of Montreal in a commercial building full of other artist studios. The calibre of the work in the exhibition was nice; I hadn't seen the work before hand, and one of the concerns you have as an emerging artist is, "What am I really getting into?" We had a steady turn-out throughout…


Guess at Rue Saint Catherine

Watercolour and ink, 7.5"x9". Drawn on location at Au Pain Doré. A corner of downtown Montreal. ~March, 2016

The Reach / Christmas Cactus Collage

Based on the feedback I received from my colour test from my newsletter and social media, I tried a few other colour tests, incorporated a few suggestions, and ultimately selected the "green" scheme. It was the most popular, but what I inclined towards as well. It was very valuable to do a colour test, get feedback, and push the direction of the image further instead of just going with my gut instinct or first idea.

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I think it turned out fairly "clean" in terms of technique, even though my mask failed and I had to repaint so muc…


Throwback Thursday

The past few days, I've spent a lot of time rescanning and rephotographing some old artwork. Technology has advanced: I can get 3 or 4 times the resolution and greater sharpness than my original photos. Believe it or not, I had the original Canon Rebel DSLR that is the predecessor to the all the fancy Canon DSLRs people obsess over today. Honestly, that old camera still takes better photos than my cellphone...but, my cellphone is far more portable.The reason I got into this is because I am being interviewed to be featured in Emboss Magazine, which is an art publication that prints on-demand. I…


Now Offering Flat-rate Pet Portraits with Bonus Time Lapse Videos

I would like to announce that I now have a flat-rate commissioning service set up in my store for ordering pet portraits. It is very quick, easy and safe to use: check out the page, pick the size you want, pay with PayPal (which accepts Visa, Mastercard, Debit, etc. and actually doesn’t require you to make an account), then send me your photos of your pet. All shipping and any other fees, like taxes, are automatically calculated. If you have any questions, special instructions, or concerns, you can contact me through the “Make an enquiry for this product” button or the Contact page on this sit…