The Reach

11"x15". Watercolour. ~2016

A variety of hands of different gender and age, grasping and reaching, as some suggest, for life force from the blood running through the scene. The finger tips on some hands are frost bitten. The colours for the skin tone are taken from the bi flag, but the background is complementary and revitalizing. The artwork is signed in the corner with pencil.

Dorchester Park Tree in May

9"x12", watercolour on 140lb watercolour paper. Observational painting of a specific entanglement of trees in Dorchester Park, off Peel Street in Montreal. Several groups of people occupied the benches just long enough to be painted. ~2016

Korrasami Sketch

Fanart for Avatar Korra and the show's finale that left and very open ending, suggesting the two main female characters are queer and romantically involved. Watercolour & ink, bristol paper. ~2014

Repainted Ballerina in Spotlight

Acrylic on stretched canvas, no frame with mounting wire. 22"x28". ~2014

A repainting of a ballerina I originally painted as a commission when I first started painting.

Digital Copy" />Digital Copy" />


Narrative is non-existent and is based on flow of consciousness writing about biphobia. Watercolour and ink, 9x13.5" page layout on rag paper. ~2014

Exhibitions: I AM NSCAD Group Exhibition, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax - 2015

Featured in Sass #1: Digital Copy