Shifting Focus: Oils & Cybernetics

I'm excited to say I am working on two new oil paintings. It's been... about 6 whole years since I've done a large-scale oil painting. It's because we have our new studio space in our apartment, which is better equip for ventilating the fumes, the scale, and capturing splatter. I don't have any pictures of our old "studio" online, but it was essentially a tiny corner next to our bed. So. Much. Improvement. In all aspects of my life... everything is just much better. A post shared by Karolina Szablewska (@art.karolina) on Dec 4, 2016 at 7:58am PST The past year or more, my focus was to create…


The Bay

9"x12", watercolour on 140lb watercolour paper. Observational sketch on-location of The Bay store from across the street in a park full of street vendors in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. ~2016

Dorchester Park Tree in May

9"x12", watercolour on 140lb watercolour paper. Observational painting of a specific entanglement of trees in Dorchester Park, off Peel Street in Montreal. Several groups of people occupied the benches just long enough to be painted. ~2016

Guess at Rue Saint Catherine

Watercolour and ink, 7.5"x9". Drawn on location at Au Pain Doré. A corner of downtown Montreal. ~March, 2016

Athos & Rafale

Watercolour on watercolour paper. 9"x12". ~2015


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Christmas Cactus Collage

Watercolour on watercolour paper. 12"x17.5". Observational collage of sketches from my christmas cactus. ~2015