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Hey everybody in Eastern Canada - maybe I'll be seeing you at the Montreal Comic Con this year? We have a confirmation on our table, we just bought all our printing paper (self-publishing), and I'll be working hard to pump out as much as I can before September. We'll be selling original comics, which includes my much overdue sci-fi comic I have been slowly piecing together since 2010. We'll also been selling 11x17 prints. Here is one:

Please make sure to check out my Society6 store and Nuvango store for prints and products - currently there is another free shipping promo happening. Also, my blog for work-in-progress updates, which can be found on the side.

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Recently, I learned about the USK: Montreal Group, which draws outside in the urban regions around and in Montreal as a collective. I haven't attended any yet, but this has inspired me to draw outdoors once again; aside from a few sketches, here is my first piece:

I've added a few more life drawings as well into the album, so check them out.

In other news, I am going to start posting about originals I want to sell. Information on my first batch can be found in this blog post. Remember that you can buy originals anytime by contacting me, or buy prints in my Society6 store. There is even a promotion going on right now! They keep adding new product types too, which I am having a hard time keeping up with; if there's anything you would like in a certain product and it looks messed up, just send me a message and I will fix it promptly.

Also, I would like to take a moment to promote my fellow NSCAD alumni's exhibition.

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I am currently working on the poster for an indie. film coming out in 2016, called Astronomy Walkers. I've also been commissioned to illustrate some props. You know, when someone is drawing in a movie and on the sketchpad, there is a near perfect sketch? That's going to be me. Here is one that is already finished.

DNA Strand - Movie Prop for Astronomy WalkersFilm prop - sketchpad with drawing for an indie film called Astronomy Walkers. Charcoal pencil on sketchpad. ~2013

I had another commission that I considered quite unusual. I was commissioned by a PS3 player to illustrate his profile banner. It was unusual because this guy uses Noid, the Domino's mascot, as his avatar. I've never heard of Noid until this commission, so it was fun to learn about this detail and watch some really bizarre commercials as references. Here is it in action:

I was asked to make Noid look less goofy and friendly, and more dark and characteristic of my style.