Hello Planet. Welcome to the fresh launch of my art website!!!!!!!! If you're a bit confused, the old website went under the URL "graymankin.com" and looked pretty medieval in gray. If you're crafty, you can still find that relic on my server, but I rather you spend the time looking around this new site for new content and even old content previously not posted. Check out new photography and artwork. Check out the nice and neat Film section. I'm going to be adding minor things, but this is pretty much it.

June 2, 2013Shot in Montreal with Panasonic Lumix GH3, RAW, processed in Photoshop.

A tonne of stuff has been obviously changed. I'm highlighting the two most important things:

With the launch of this website is also the launch of my prints and merchandise store at Society6! I will be adding more and more prints as time goes on...

Guess what else is released today? Crossing Over - Online. YAY!!!! Like it on Facebook, share the film everywhere!

You'll also notice a classy new BIO, a CV in a PDF viewer, and the sketchblog integrated into my website. There's social media sharing options on pretty much everything, so I expect to see some shares!