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I added some artwork I did as part of a personal comic project I've been working on for over a year now. I say that regretfully, because I wish I could move onto Episode 2, but I picked an extremely time-consuming process. For this project, I treat (almost) every panel as its own separate artwork that can stand as an original. I draw it large scale and import it into the comic layout later. The good thing about this is that I am actively creating new art, while creating a project with a greater scope. The bad - it's a lot of work and takes forever.

If you visit this album you should see 3 new works.

This particular piece is responsible for ruining my curtains...

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Normally, this would fall under Sketchblog material, but I consider this to be a relaxed project. I started this exercise with Natasha just because we like collaborating and it's practice in comic arts. The storyline in these comic strips is connected by sound effects, and each one is absolutely improvised. I'll be posting them here and they will find there way around Tumblr. Here is mine:

Here is the first one.

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After several years of not really taking any photos and not really enjoying photography, I'm getting back into it provided the new setting. A long time when I was in high school, I had a great photo teacher that encouraged creativity very strongly, and I did a series of photos as an assignment that were multiple exposures. They were digital - I was too afraid to do it on film, because it's technically difficult. Layering it up in Photoshop is easier, even though there is a difference in the process.

So recently I gave it a try on a film camera with some wonky film we bought (it wasn't exposing the way we expected). Unfortunately, the camera dropped the film pretty much immediately. It's kind of funny because when I went to get it developed (I don't have the luxury of a dark room), I asked for it to be pre-cut; they couldn't, because the pictures were a mashed-up run-on strip on half of the roll.

I'm taking what I can from it - it's kind of interesting. Here are the first two images to come out...and sorry for my offensive sense of humour.