As many of you already know, I have a print store on Society6. There's lots and lots of work up there, and for now, it is where you can buy my prints since I don't have the same volume up on Inprnt and I don't have my own easy printing system set up. I want to share with you their up-coming sale days in the least spammy way possible... so here's a summary.

So for anyone that wants a really high quality print of my work or wants something with my art on it (pillows, clocks, greeting cards, shower curtains, basically anything), society6 is having a Black Friday sale happening between Now to Dec. 2.

No special code needed - just show up! I'd love it if you bought something of mine, but supporting other artists is pretty good too. 

My store: 

 If there's a specific piece you wanted and it's not up, let me know ASAP and I'll put it into their system. 

  •  11/26: 24 HR - Social Only Promotion • 15% Off + Free Shipping 
  • 11/27: 24 HR - Black Friday • Buy More, Save More + Free Worldwide Shipping 
  • 11/28: 24 HR - Black Friday Extension • Buy More, Save More + Free Worldwide Shipping 
  • 11/29 -11/30: Cyber Monday (starts Sunday) • 20% Off Everything + Free Worldwide Shipping 
  • 12/1: 24 HR - Apparel Sale • $6 Off all Apparel + Free Worldwide Shipping 
  • 12/2: 24 HR - Home Decor Sale • 20% Off all Home Decor + Free Worldwide Shipping
Also, once again - my personal store has lots of original art on sale! Click here or hit the Buy button in the menu on this site.