I'm going into surgery tomorrow, which is hopefully true because it's already been delayed and it was cancelled last time. I've been working on two things as I wait.

As I'm completely obsessed with the Witcher series, I made one 2 page comic. I'm probably going to do more as I have some ideas banked, as well as fan-art based on the books. I'm absolutely overjoyed by how well received this comic was by Witcher fans. Man, I missed the world of being a series fan!

Here's the comic:

Video Game Logic - Gerald & Imlerith #1-2Two page satire comic about the video game Witcher 3, which allows you to heal your player by letting you consume food in potentially unreasonably large amounts and at unreasonable times. Watercolour, ink on watercolour paper. Each original page: 15"x10", formatted for small scale. ~2015

Number 2: I am putting together a photo retouching portfolio. I'm pretty much over trying to do concept art. Generally, I don't identify with the community and I find the work itself to be stressful and exhausting. Photo retouching is very similar to colour grading, which I love doing. So far, I've enjoyed doing this so much it feels addictive. I've also decided I am most happy doing several creative tasks (probably "ADD"), so if I can do illustration, colour grading, photo retouching as work - I am happy. I only have a few images so far, but here's one I am very happy with:

Credit to Photographer SMoshkov - https://www.smoshkov.com

Check out the rest of the album too as it is so far.