So, it's no secret - here it is. This is the painting at the Draw Me a Mountain // Dessine-moi une montagne Exhibition. It is now available as a print/product on Society 6, as well. Please see the previous entry for details on the exhibition, but it is essentially happening all of this month at the Smith House, Mont Royal.

Here are also some works I either forgot to post, or forgot to photograph, or I just can't find on here anywhere.

This is a 3-hour watercolour I did at a UQAM figure drawing session.

The following is a piece I did many years ago in 2008. I never photographed it. It was photographed today. It's a mixed-media piece that took many, many hours of work. It's based on a photograph - a selfie in a pre-selfie age. It's ink, acrylic yarn, and a cut-out out of Fabriano paper on a coffee-stained, heavy watercolour paper.

Unlike most of my work, this piece is not for sale unless you can convince me to part with it, and because it has minor cat damage. It'll be worth more when it's part of art history and an art restorer gets their hands on it.

Drawing 24"x24". ~2008" />Drawing 24"x24". ~2008" />