"Jessica"Life drawing pose, 10 min. 9"x12". Watercolour & sharpie marker. ~2013

I have been very busy studying French and working on setting up our new creative start-up, Stereokroma Creative Services. Please have a look at our show reel - that ate up some time too. ;) To say the least, I fallen a bit behind on updating my site while still producing lots of artwork. Hmm, what to do with all this art? I would really like to selling my new life drawings and any old artwork (like pre-2009). My old artwork needs a good home and it is not really useful in my portfolio for me --- I need to be showing recent work. I am not selling my figure drawings for much either - most of them are $35 at most. Feel free to use my contact page to get a hold of me for any purchases.

Life Drawing Pirates 415-25 min pose. 9"x12". Watercolour & Sharpie marker. ~2013

These drawings were kind of exhaustive. Sometimes it is problematic that Syn Studio life drawing sessions have models with too many props or too much/too complex clothing on for relatively short poses. I should perhaps try a simpler medium for this kind of work.