Despite a lot of things, it's been a good year for art. This year, I've made the most art since a key year in high school. I also made 2 complete videos, another 3 in progress, worked on 2 short films, and did a lot of my own photography. I learned to digitally paint better, and learn some basic skills in 3D. I've also had several commissions and in the process of setting up a partnership with an art representative. Gradually, I'm getting better at French.

To start of 2014, I'm actually going to show you old art. I was in the process of cleaning up a hard drive, and I found raw photos I took of my pottery two whole years ago. I said, "Ok. I think it's time I dealt with these." I would have taken some new ones that are bigger and sharper, but I use my pottery and some of it is has worn down or broke. So finally, the ceramics section isn't barren, and there's actually a lot more to come.

Also, I few old artworks resurfaced from my hard drive that I've added to the 2011 folders.

There's also going to be a film screening of one of the films I worked on in Montreal this month. It's open to the public.


Saturday, January 18, 2014