Let's start with re-posting about my life drawings I inked & cleaned up. I wrote about this already, but I had a server problem and the news post disappeared. So to recap quickly: These are life drawings I did at Syn Studio during a life drawing workshop. I challenged myself by using watercolours and trying to work as fast as possible. I've never done that before in the 5 or so years I've been doing life drawing, and it was definitely difficult. See the 2013 Traditional Mediums album for more.

Matador Life Drawing9"x12". 2hr life drawing, watercolour and ink. ~2013

Here's probably my first solid piece of digital art for this year! I'm actually quite happy with how this turned out and didn't really expect to have anything more than a sketch from doing a portrait value study. For this image, I used a photograph provided on Reddit Gets Drawn, where people upload photos in hope an artists draws a portrait from them.

As part of the process, I recorded a speedpaint video and actively updated my livestream. Here is the video and I hope to make more of these in future. Please share!