After several years of not really taking any photos and not really enjoying photography, I'm getting back into it provided the new setting. A long time when I was in high school, I had a great photo teacher that encouraged creativity very strongly, and I did a series of photos as an assignment that were multiple exposures. They were digital - I was too afraid to do it on film, because it's technically difficult. Layering it up in Photoshop is easier, even though there is a difference in the process.

So recently I gave it a try on a film camera with some wonky film we bought (it wasn't exposing the way we expected). Unfortunately, the camera dropped the film pretty much immediately. It's kind of funny because when I went to get it developed (I don't have the luxury of a dark room), I asked for it to be pre-cut; they couldn't, because the pictures were a mashed-up run-on strip on half of the roll.

I'm taking what I can from it - it's kind of interesting. Here are the first two images to come out...and sorry for my offensive sense of humour.