Traditional Mediums

The Reach

11"x15". Watercolour. ~2016

A variety of hands of different gender and age, grasping and reaching, as some suggest, for life force from the blood running through the scene. The finger tips on some hands are frost bitten. The colours for the skin tone are taken from the bi flag, but the background is complementary and revitalizing. The artwork is signed in the corner with pencil.

Avatar Korra & Raava

Fanart! 9"x'12". Watercolour, ink, and gauche on 140lbs watercolour paper. ~2014

Montreal Fall Wind

9"x12". Watercolour & ink on 140lbs watercolour paper. Image originally used for Montreal World Film Festival Poster Contest. ~2014

Wool Self-Portrait

24"x24". Coffee-dyed watercolour paper, ink, acrylic paint Fabriano paper, acrylic yarn. ~2008

Montreal from Mont Royal During Sunset

13"x17". Watercolour on watercolour paper. ~2015

Created for and shown in the Draw Me A Mountain Exhibition at the Smith House on top of Mont Royal, May 2015.


Album art and poster illustration is by Karolina Szablewska; graphic layout and typography by Justin Tomchuk. 20"x30" poster, original artwork 10"x15". Watercolour, gauche, ink. Music found at: ~2014

Heavy Shoulders in Sunset

30"x40", oil on 1" canvas.

Oil painting of a woman stretching her cybernetic arms. The strain from the metal weights is seen in the tightness of the shoulder muscles. The sunlight is intense against the cool shadows of the bedroom. It is also an unconventional presentation of the female body, in this case with broad shoulders and chiseled muscle. A series of contrasts runs through the entire image: the intensity of light, metal vs. flesh, and muted colours vs. vibrant colours.


Detail & Context Photos:

Building in Pozńan Town Square

9"x12", watercolour on 140lb watercolour paper. Observational drawing done on-location in Pozńan, Poland. ~2107

Pair of Pigeons

5"x5" watercolour on 140lbs watercolour paper. Observational drawing done on-location in the port of Montreal. ~2017

Stairway on Rue Galt

9"x12", watercolour on 140lb watercolour paper. Observational drawing done on-location. ~2017

DAY 5 Results: Nik & Amber

"I think I got up to 86 people so far, if I counted correctly. Technically, others are done the challenge at 5 days...but I don't work a 5 day week ever, so I am spacing out my sketches over 7 days (one week...). The gesture drawings are from a video of gymnastic try-outs, since I got jealous Marc has such cool subjects to draw. Drawing from video adds the ability to pause a movement, which would otherwise be completely impossible in real life to observe accurately. Here's an attempt at drawing my friend Nik Telford & his fiancee, as well."

9"x9" ink & watercolour on 140lb watercolour rag paper. ~2017

DAY 2 Results - Barb & Rick Anderson

A 5"x5" watercolour and ink portrait on Fabriano paper done based on a photograph for One Week 100 People Drawing Challenge.~2017

Shifting Focus: Oils & Cybernetics

I'm excited to say I am working on two new oil paintings. It's been... about 6 whole years since I've done a large-scale oil painting. It's because we have our new studio space in our apartment, which is better equip for ventilating the fumes, the scale, and capturing splatter. I don't have any pictures of our old "studio" online, but it was essentially a tiny corner next to our bed. So. Much. Improvement. In all aspects of my life... everything is just much better. A post shared by Karolina Szablewska (@art.karolina) on Dec 4, 2016 at 7:58am PST The past year or more, my focus was to create…


Bruce & Izzy

Watercolour on watercolour paper. 16"x20". ~2016


Custom Portraits can be ordered through my website - click one of the links on the side!

The Bay

9"x12", watercolour on 140lb watercolour paper. Observational sketch on-location of The Bay store from across the street in a park full of street vendors in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. ~2016

Dorchester Park Tree in May

9"x12", watercolour on 140lb watercolour paper. Observational painting of a specific entanglement of trees in Dorchester Park, off Peel Street in Montreal. Several groups of people occupied the benches just long enough to be painted. ~2016

Veronica and Juan the Hobbits

16"x20" watercolour on Fabriano watercolour paper, created July 2016, signed and dated on painting and in margin.

This is a commissioned piece for a couple who are hobbit fans.Veronica and Juan are the couple pictured as hobbits leaving their hobbit home on a sunny afternoon for a walk. A quiet brook, lush greenery, lavender flowers, round red mushrooms, surrounds their home meanwhile other hobbit homes are visible in the distance. They are hand in hand, happy in each other's company.



How Would You Feel to Receive a Painting as Your Birthday Surprise?

To save ruining a surprise, I had to wait to post about my latest commission until the birthday passed. It was really hard. Taking the tape off the edges, seeing the final painting with crisp, white borders... it was very hard not to post it instantly. Now that the painting is out of my hands, the excitement died down... kind of like a break-up. One sad aspect of commissioned work is I don't really get to spend much time with the image afterwards, and I would argue one of the most important things an artist can do is reflect on their work after completing it. Definitely interested in doing mor…


35,000 Feet Above #1

Impressionistic landscape based on photos the artist took while on the plane of clouds, atmosphere, farm fields, and rivers and lakes. 18"x24" acrylic on birch board. ~2016

Guess at Rue Saint Catherine

Watercolour and ink, 7.5"x9". Drawn on location at Au Pain Doré. A corner of downtown Montreal. ~March, 2016

Watercolour Hands WIP Colour Tests

At this point, I am undecided whether or not I'll keep a separate blog now that I have an Instagram page that literally fills the void and I can talk to people directly through my site, Facebook, or my newsletter (sign up). So, here's my first work-in-progress post. I started this drawing when I was feeling really sad. Sadly, most of my inspired ideas come when I am in the worst mood. This was an overwhelming image in my imagination of just thousands of hands grasping and reaching for something, failing, and tearing each other apart. Slowly over the course of…


Athos & Rafale

Watercolour on watercolour paper. 9"x12". ~2015


Custom Portraits can be ordered through my website - click one of the links on the side!


Watercolour on watercolour paper. 9"x12". ~2015


Custom Portraits can be ordered through my website - click one of the links on the side!


Watercolour on watercolour paper. 9"x12". ~2015


Custom Portraits can be ordered through my website - click one of the links on the side!

Christmas Cactus Collage

Watercolour on watercolour paper. 12"x17.5". Observational collage of sketches from my christmas cactus. ~2015


12"x18". Watercolour on Fabriano watercolour paper. ~2015

Kazren injured against an oak.

An image of one of my original characters, Kazren, sitting injured against an mystical, old oak. Pencil on paper. 7"x10".~2015

Self Portrait

Draw on Self Portrait Day. 9"x12". Pastel on Fabriano pastel paper. ~2015

Burdened Angel on the Sun and Jaded Angel on the Moon

Two figure drawings displayed as one. 8"x14.5". Figure drawing done with Sharpie markers on cartridge paper. ~ 2011

The Hopeful People and The Bridge to Nowhere

30"x22". Ink on Arches watercolour paper. NSCAD Foundation Drawing II Project No. 4 - Perspective in a fantasy landscape. Modeled after the granary elevators by the ViaRail station in Halifax. ~ 2008

The Devil - Kaltenburg Knight Festival

18"x24". Pencil and white acrylic on cartridge paper. Representative of the festival held in Kaltenburg, Germany to celebrate medieval heritage. It brings 120,000 visitors a year, and includes a variety of music performances and medieval markets. This is inspired by one of its costumes. (Source: CBC World) Severely damaged. ~ 2007

White Night 2

11"x8.5". Pencil on paper. My original dragon character striking a pose.~ 2007

Weavile using Dark Pulse

11"x14". Ink, Sharpie, watercolour on bristol. Illustration of a Pokemon using an attack for blog & fun. ~ 2010

Every Kind of Bird

11"x14". Ink, markers, gel pens. ~ 2010


11"x14". Watercolour, ink, coloured pencil on bristol. ~2011.

Cedar Moth Beetle

30"x11". Ink, coffee, prisma colour on Arches watercolour paper. NSCAD Foundation Drawing II Project No. 5 - Invent a beetle, emphasizing volume. (Note: Fake Latin.) ~ 2008

Urban Country

24"x18". Willow charcoal, prisma colour pencil, white watercolour paint on acid free pastel paper. NSCAD Foundation Drawing II Project No. 2 - landscape, where a feature is replaced by popcorn. ~ 2008

Red & Blue Gyarados

9"x12". Watercolour, ink on 140lbs watercolour paper. Pokemon Fanart. ~2014

New Painting of Montreal

Here is my latest new watercolour. It's an image based on a photo I took of Montreal just as spring was around the corner while I was dropping my last watercolour off for the exhibition. It's quite rare to go up on Mont Royal and look through the trees while they bare no leaves; it was somewhat jarring. The blueness of the shadowy trees in contrast to basically my last painting, as I saw it in my head in that moment, was my inspiration for this image. This was a difficult painting: colours couldn't overlap, twisting shapes, detailed buildings to pencil, hours of penciling, mistakes with colour…


Life Drawing Renaissance 3

15 min pose. 9"x12". Watercolour only. ~2014

Life Drawing Model UQAM

9"x12", pencil & watercolour on watercolour paper. ~2014

Jacobin Pigeon

Painting of a Jacobin Pigeon based on the Vancouver Poultry & Pigeon Association show winner for 2012. Acrylic on birch board. 20"x16". ~2015

Sketching Indoors in the Winter

It is amazing what places are hidden in Montreal. This is the first time I've visited the greenhouse at the Westmount Library, which is free and open to that public, alongside the USK: MTL group. We were figuring out where to go, and this turned out to be the perfect place because it was sunny and warm and full of cheerful greenery that is a rare sight in the winter. Steadily, I drew and painted with my pencil and watercolours for 3.5 hours. It is a daunting task painting a curved architectural interior with a multitude of plants and with a liquid medium.

I am both ha…


Self Portrait JAN2015

16"x20", Acrylic on canvas. Not available. Belongs to Grandma. ~2015

Happy New Year

I hope everyone is taking a moment to reflect on their 2014. I know I've accomplished a lot this year, and I am very proud of myself. Everything from starting up our business, finishing so many comics, working in television, writing major proposals, attending the Montreal Comic Con twice... it's hard to say I did nothing. Oh yeah, I forgot - I learned a new language. Well, almost - still working on that one.What do you aim for next year? Aside from all the typical things we wish for (ie. lose Christmas fat), I am aiming to make twice as much doing my creative work and pushing closer towards ha…


Korrasami Sketch

Fanart for Avatar Korra and the show's finale that left and very open ending, suggesting the two main female characters are queer and romantically involved. Watercolour & ink, bristol paper. ~2014

Avatar Ang as Adult

Watercolour on watercolour paper. 9"x12".~2014

Commissioned Avatar Ang fanart of him as an adult.