Artwork made with a mix of different mediums. For me, this doesn't mean combining ink and watercolour, but truly mixing and matching mediums. Example: Marker, pastel, and acrylic. Occasionally, I will add work of a medium I don't usually use, such as print making.

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Study of Skulls, Hips, and Spines

18"x24". Indigo paste, conte, Sharpie marker on soft paper. ~ 2011

Anatomy Study of Clavicle from Model

9"x12". Watercolour, willow charcoal, coloured pencil, white gauche on watercolour paper. ~ 2011

Rib Cage and Spine

9"x12". Watercolour, coloured pencil, white designer gauche on watercolour paper. ~ 2011.


Rice Cabbage Girl

17"x16.5". Toasted paper, vellum, oil pastel, onion skin, masking tape, Sharpie marker. NSCAD Foundation Drawing II Project No. 6 - Figure drawing using objects to compose figure. Reaction to my allergy-influenced diet. ~ 2008


Cheering Crowd at Concert

20"x30". Conte and charcoal on stonehenge paper. Large drawing project for Chris Woods' Figure Drawing ~ 2010

Destructions of War

25"x37". Too big of a list of mixed media... includes chocolate wrappers, old drawings, onions... Drawing II assignment for Chris Woods' class - Make an image about the destruction of war + Jameel's "red paint, onions, kissing" assignment. ~ 2009


Urban Decay

8.875"x11.25". Intalgio on Somerset paper. Paint/Print with David Armstrong, Concept: decay. ~ 2009


8.75"x13.5". Relief print on masa paper. Paint/Print with David Armstrong. Based on an image I wanted to draw for years and a poem I wrote while hallicunating in the dark. ~ 2009

My Mom's Mind

22"x30". Christmas photograph, charcoal, charcoal pencil, conte, Tria and Sharpie markers, parchment paper on Stonehenge paper. NSCAD Foundation Drawing II Project No. 7 - Integrate photograph into drawing. An interpretation of how my mom's mind is. ~ 2008

Most Fragile Self

19.25"x25.75". Charcoal, Sharpie marker, conte, Halloween make-up, gauche on Fabrino acid free paper. NSCAD Foundation Drawing II Project No. 8 - Halloween mask? Mask made out of an imprint of my face. Superficial me vs. my soul.


24"x18". Oil pastel, acrylic, yarn and string on manilla paper. Representing each of the 3 different people I am. ~ 2007