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Artwork created by observing a form, nature, scene, humans, or objects. This is usually drawn from life, on-location, or in the studio. Sometimes, photographs with particularly interesting details or light are used.

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September Sunflowers

12"x18" watercolour on 140lb Fabriano paper. Sunflowers from a balcony garden, flowering late in September. ~2016

Dorchester Park Tree in May

9"x12", watercolour on 140lb watercolour paper. Observational painting of a specific entanglement of trees in Dorchester Park, off Peel Street in Montreal. Several groups of people occupied the benches just long enough to be painted. ~2016

The Bay

9"x12", watercolour on 140lb watercolour paper. Observational sketch on-location of The Bay store from across the street in a park full of street vendors in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. ~2016

Guess at Rue Saint Catherine

Watercolour and ink, 7.5"x9". Drawn on location at Au Pain Doré. A corner of downtown Montreal. ~March, 2016

Christmas Cactus Collage

Watercolour on watercolour paper. 12"x17.5". Observational collage of sketches from my christmas cactus. ~2015

Log Over River

18"x24". Conte, pencil on construction paper. Observational drawing from a still life arrangement of a deer antler, branches, and oyster shells. Damaged, so not for sale. ~ 2007

Kate in English Class

8.5"x11". Ball-point pen on lined paper. ~ 2006

Westmount Greenhouse

Watercolour & pencil on watercolour paper. 9"x12". Watercolour sketch created at the Westmount Library Greenhouse in Montreal during USK: MTL. ~2015


Buy the original painting in my store." />Buy the original painting in my store." />


9"x12". Oil pastel on hand-made paper. I found this guy on the sidewalk; I think his crinkly, faded body is beautiful alongside the stillness. ~ 2007

Buy the original painting in my store.


12"x9". Pencil on paper. ~ 2007

My Egon Schiele (Study)

10"x14". Gauche, charcoal on sketchbook paper. NSCAD Foundation Drawing II Project No. 3 - a) Do a study of a drawing by a master artist, trying to understand the process undergone. b) Keep the formal elements of the drawing, but make your own. 2008

Plein Air Molson Shipper

5.5"x8.5". Watercolour, ink, pencil on 65lbs paper. Quick plein air at the Montreal port. ~2014

Skull Study from Life

Acrylic on Academia paper. For Intro Paint. ~ 2010


Watercolour on watercolour paper. ~ 2006

Flightless Bird

11"x14". Pencil on paper. Drawing of a dried plant in preparation for the larger painting. ~ 2007