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Artworking depicting people, portraits of individuals, crowds, or self-portraits.

Heavy Shoulders in Sunset

30"x40", oil on 1" canvas.

Oil painting of a woman stretching her cybernetic arms. The strain from the metal weights is seen in the tightness of the shoulder muscles. The sunlight is intense against the cool shadows of the bedroom. It is also an unconventional presentation of the female body, in this case with broad shoulders and chiseled muscle. A series of contrasts runs through the entire image: the intensity of light, metal vs. flesh, and muted colours vs. vibrant colours.


Detail & Context Photos:

Veronica and Juan the Hobbits

16"x20" watercolour on Fabriano watercolour paper, created July 2016, signed and dated on painting and in margin.

This is a commissioned piece for a couple who are hobbit fans.Veronica and Juan are the couple pictured as hobbits leaving their hobbit home on a sunny afternoon for a walk. A quiet brook, lush greenery, lavender flowers, round red mushrooms, surrounds their home meanwhile other hobbit homes are visible in the distance. They are hand in hand, happy in each other's company.



Self-Portrait on Red

18"x19.5". Charcoal and chalk on coloured paper. ~2008

Snowboarding Sweater

42.5"x29.75". Acrylic on stretched canvas. Presented tapestry style, supported by an old tree branch acquired from the forest. Inspiration: My blue snowboarding sweater, a photo of my 'man face', and the book, Londonstani. ~ 2008

The Painting We Painted

11"x14". Photograph with paper over-top: oil pastels, pens, pencil, and acrylic. This is John and I painting our painting. Made for a contest. ~ 2007


Portrait of Theo

11"x11.5". Conte on pastel paper. Drawn from life. ~ 2007


24"x18". Oil pastel, acrylic, yarn and string on manilla paper. Representing each of the 3 different people I am. ~ 2007


11"x8". Pencil on paper. ~ 2006

Wool Self-Portrait

24"x24". Coffee-dyed watercolour paper, ink, acrylic paint Fabriano paper, acrylic yarn. ~2008

Daivd Bowie

Sharpie marker and Crayola coloured pencil on bristol paper. ~ 2010

Self Portrait JAN2015

16"x20", Acrylic on canvas. Not available. Belongs to Grandma. ~2015

Portrait of Justin Tomchuk

Oil on canvas. Final for Intro Paint. ~ 2010

Van Gogh Reproduction

Oil paint on heavy watercolour paper. Reproduction of a Van Gogh self-portrait, for Intro Paint. ~ 2010

Self Portrait

Draw on Self Portrait Day. 9"x12". Pastel on Fabriano pastel paper. ~2015


Life drawing pose, 10 min. 9"x12". Watercolour & sharpie marker. ~2013

B&W Self Portrait from Mirror

Acrylic on Academia paper. For Intro Paint. ~ 2010

Self Portrait Day 2013

Low-light digital self-portrait done from mirror, HD image, Photoshop. ~2013