Metallic Taste - Episode 1, Page 1

11"x17". Ink, watercolour on watercolour paper & digital. Full page panel from personal comic book project, called: Metallic Taste. ~2012

Montreal from Mont Royal through Winter Trees

Partner image to Montreal from Mont Royal during Sunset. Watercolour on watercolour paper. 12"x17.5". ~2015

Featured in "Emboss Magazine - Vibrance Issue 2".

Montreal from Mont Royal During Sunset

13"x17". Watercolour on watercolour paper. ~2015

Created for and shown in the Draw Me A Mountain Exhibition at the Smith House on top of Mont Royal, May 2015.

Life Drawing Renaissance 3

15 min pose. 9"x12". Watercolour only. ~2014

Crowd on a City Street

Acrylic on mural paper. Based on blind countour drawings of friends in Grade 12 Art. ~ 2008


Snowboarding Sweater

42.5"x29.75". Acrylic on stretched canvas. Presented tapestry style, supported by an old tree branch acquired from the forest. Inspiration: My blue snowboarding sweater, a photo of my 'man face', and the book, Londonstani. ~ 2008

Self-Portrait on Red

18"x19.5". Charcoal and chalk on coloured paper. ~2008

Wool Self-Portrait

24"x24". Coffee-dyed watercolour paper, ink, acrylic paint Fabriano paper, acrylic yarn. ~2008

Life Drawing Pirates 4

15-25 min pose. 9"x12". Watercolour & Sharpie marker. ~2013

September Reclining Life Drawing

15 min pose. 9"x12". Watercolour, ink. ~2013

Setup Meaningful Objects Still Life

Oil paint on hand built canvas. For Intro Paint. ~ 2010



30"x48". Acrylic on canvas. ~ 2007

The Hopeful People and The Bridge to Nowhere

30"x22". Ink on Arches watercolour paper. NSCAD Foundation Drawing II Project No. 4 - Perspective in a fantasy landscape. Modeled after the granary elevators by the ViaRail station in Halifax. ~ 2008

Forlorn Animal

11"x14". Charcoal on paper. This image is based off an image I drew as a child. ~ 2006


18"x24". Conte on coloured paper. ~ 2006

Portrait of Theo

11"x11.5". Conte on pastel paper. Drawn from life. ~ 2007

Rice Cabbage Girl

17"x16.5". Toasted paper, vellum, oil pastel, onion skin, masking tape, Sharpie marker. NSCAD Foundation Drawing II Project No. 6 - Figure drawing using objects to compose figure. Reaction to my allergy-influenced diet. ~ 2008


Digital Copy" />Digital Copy" />


Narrative is non-existent and is based on flow of consciousness writing about biphobia. Watercolour and ink, 9x13.5" page layout on rag paper. ~2014

Exhibitions: I AM NSCAD Group Exhibition, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax - 2015

Featured in Sass #1: Digital Copy

Jacobin Pigeon

Painting of a Jacobin Pigeon based on the Vancouver Poultry & Pigeon Association show winner for 2012. Acrylic on birch board. 20"x16". ~2015

Buy the original painting in my store." />Buy the original painting in my store." />


9"x12". Oil pastel on hand-made paper. I found this guy on the sidewalk; I think his crinkly, faded body is beautiful alongside the stillness. ~ 2007

Buy the original painting in my store.