Artwork containing extreme nudity, sexuality, or extreme gore or violence. View at your own discretion.


12"x18". Watercolour on Fabriano watercolour paper. ~2015

Korrasami Sketch

Fanart for Avatar Korra and the show's finale that left and very open ending, suggesting the two main female characters are queer and romantically involved. Watercolour & ink, bristol paper. ~2014


11"x14". Watercolour, ink, coloured pencil on bristol. ~2011.

Forlorn Animal

11"x14". Charcoal on paper. This image is based off an image I drew as a child. ~ 2006

Pet Dog

8"x11". Prisma markers and ink on paper. ~ 2006


18"x24". Conte on coloured paper. ~ 2006

What he cared about.

18"x24". Conte on paper. ~2006


20"x15.5". Collage, scratchboard, and paint on illustration board. Picture about self-abuse. Done from life references. ~ 2007

Self-Portrait: Pretty Pony/Zombie

16"x12"/16"x24". Acrylic on masonite board. Self Portrait diptych for David Armstrong's Paint-Print class. This is my symbol and then my experience during my first university semester with depression and illness. ~ 2008

January 2009

22.25"x14.5". Ink, pencil, candle wax, smoke, red pen on Arches watercolour paper. ~ 2009

Swimming Men

11"x14". Sharpie markers on bristol paper. ~ 2010

Raven Feathers

24"x30". Conte, acrylic, charcoal, ink on heavy paper. Final anatomy assignment for Drawing Human Anatomy with Renee Forestall. ~2011


18"x24". Acrylic, pencil, charcoal, ink on heavy paper. Leg anatomy assignment for Drawing Human Anatomy with Renee Forestall. ~2011


2'x2.5'. Oil on stretch canvas. An intense and provocative metaphor for dark sexual desire. ~2011