Portrait as Superheroes

20"x16". Digital. Wedding portrait as favourite comic book characters. ~ 2012

Apparel Design: "Dr. Drool"

5"x5". Digital. Apparel design of a character for printing onto baby clothing. Commissioned work. ~ 2012

May31 Dragon

11"x14". Digital. First drawing with new Wacom Intuos4 tablet. ~ 2012

Girl on Beach - B&W

Speedpaint video available at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j5...

Value study portrait, model from photo reference placed in an imaginary landscape. ~2013

'Camel' Dragon

Original concept art featuring a transport dragon with hind wings. Digital. ~2013

Self Portrait Day 2013

Low-light digital self-portrait done from mirror, HD image, Photoshop. ~2013

Forest Town Composite Concept Art

Original concept art on a composite base provided by Daniel Kvasznicza. Created with photographic references, digital paint-over and composite in Photoshop CS6. ~2013