Acrylic & Oil Paintings




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Artwork that is acrylic or oil on canvas, board, paper, or wood panel.

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35,000 Feet Above #1

Impressionistic landscape based on photos the artist took while on the plane of clouds, atmosphere, farm fields, and rivers and lakes. 18"x24" acrylic on birch board. ~2016

Jacobin Pigeon

Painting of a Jacobin Pigeon based on the Vancouver Poultry & Pigeon Association show winner for 2012. Acrylic on birch board. 20"x16". ~2015

Self Portrait JAN2015

16"x20", Acrylic on canvas. Not available. Belongs to Grandma. ~2015

Repainted Ballerina in Spotlight

Acrylic on stretched canvas, no frame with mounting wire. 22"x28". ~2014

A repainting of a ballerina I originally painted as a commission when I first started painting.

Portrait of Justin Tomchuk

Oil on canvas. Final for Intro Paint. ~ 2010

Van Gogh Reproduction

Oil paint on heavy watercolour paper. Reproduction of a Van Gogh self-portrait, for Intro Paint. ~ 2010

Obelisk Houses Complementing a Mountain Range with a View of Hell's Elevator

24"x36". Acrylic on canvas board. Collaboration with Natasha Petras during February, when she visited. ~ 2009


Acrylic on canvas. Collaboration between me and Natasha Petras. Name comes from the ever incorrect Lindsay Art Gallery - Honourable Mention. ~ 2008



30"x48". Acrylic on canvas. ~ 2007

Snowboarding Sweater

42.5"x29.75". Acrylic on stretched canvas. Presented tapestry style, supported by an old tree branch acquired from the forest. Inspiration: My blue snowboarding sweater, a photo of my 'man face', and the book, Londonstani. ~ 2008

Crowd on a City Street

Acrylic on mural paper. Based on blind countour drawings of friends in Grade 12 Art. ~ 2008


Low Intensity Still Life

Acrylic on Academia paper. Assignment for a Intro Paint class to study low intensity colours. ~ 2010

High Intensity Still Life

Acrylic on masonite. Assignment for a Intro Paint class to study high intensity colours. ~ 2010


Setup Meaningful Objects Still Life

Oil paint on hand built canvas. For Intro Paint. ~ 2010


Memory Study of Fox Skull

16"x12". Acrylic. Painted from sketches and memory. Paint/Print with David Armstrong. ~ 2009

Value Scale Study - B&W

11.75"x10" x2. Acrylic on canvas. Paint/Print with David Armstrong. Grayscale and Colour value study of a object made of paint chips. ~ 2009