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Artwork that is acrylic or oil on canvas, board, paper, or wood panel.

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Heavy Shoulders in Sunset

30"x40", oil on 1" canvas.

Oil painting of a woman stretching her cybernetic arms. The strain from the metal weights is seen in the tightness of the shoulder muscles. The sunlight is intense against the cool shadows of the bedroom. It is also an unconventional presentation of the female body, in this case with broad shoulders and chiseled muscle. A series of contrasts runs through the entire image: the intensity of light, metal vs. flesh, and muted colours vs. vibrant colours.


Detail & Context Photos:

35,000 Feet Above #1

Impressionistic landscape based on photos the artist took while on the plane of clouds, atmosphere, farm fields, and rivers and lakes. 18"x24" acrylic on birch board. ~2016

Jacobin Pigeon

Painting of a Jacobin Pigeon based on the Vancouver Poultry & Pigeon Association show winner for 2012. Acrylic on birch board. 20"x16". ~2015

Self Portrait JAN2015

16"x20", Acrylic on canvas. Not available. Belongs to Grandma. ~2015

Repainted Ballerina in Spotlight

Acrylic on stretched canvas, no frame with mounting wire. 22"x28". ~2014

A repainting of a ballerina I originally painted as a commission when I first started painting.

Portrait of Justin Tomchuk

Oil on canvas. Final for Intro Paint. ~ 2010

Van Gogh Reproduction

Oil paint on heavy watercolour paper. Reproduction of a Van Gogh self-portrait, for Intro Paint. ~ 2010

Obelisk Houses Complementing a Mountain Range with a View of Hell's Elevator

24"x36". Acrylic on canvas board. Collaboration with Natasha Petras during February, when she visited. ~ 2009


Acrylic on canvas. Collaboration between me and Natasha Petras. Name comes from the ever incorrect Lindsay Art Gallery - Honourable Mention. ~ 2008



30"x48". Acrylic on canvas. ~ 2007

Snowboarding Sweater

42.5"x29.75". Acrylic on stretched canvas. Presented tapestry style, supported by an old tree branch acquired from the forest. Inspiration: My blue snowboarding sweater, a photo of my 'man face', and the book, Londonstani. ~ 2008

Crowd on a City Street

Acrylic on mural paper. Based on blind countour drawings of friends in Grade 12 Art. ~ 2008


Low Intensity Still Life

Acrylic on Academia paper. Assignment for a Intro Paint class to study low intensity colours. ~ 2010

High Intensity Still Life

Acrylic on masonite. Assignment for a Intro Paint class to study high intensity colours. ~ 2010


Setup Meaningful Objects Still Life

Oil paint on hand built canvas. For Intro Paint. ~ 2010


Memory Study of Fox Skull

16"x12". Acrylic. Painted from sketches and memory. Paint/Print with David Armstrong. ~ 2009

Value Scale Study - B&W

11.75"x10" x2. Acrylic on canvas. Paint/Print with David Armstrong. Grayscale and Colour value study of a object made of paint chips. ~ 2009